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Friday, November 2, 2012

Challenge Accepted President Monson: Consider the Blessings

Challenge Accepted President Monson!

I've always been pretty good at reading conference talks after they come out in the Ensign. 

BUT, I haven't been that great at really following the council long term. 

This is my normal progressions when it comes to conference:
1. Get all excited to hear modern-day revelation
2. Sleep through 75% of the talks
3. Love the 25% I hear
4. Re-listen/Re-read all the talks
5. Momentary/short term motivation
6. The End. 

This year will be different, or so help me!

President Monson said," I would recommend...that you take an inventory of your life and look specifically for the blessings, large and small, you have received"

So, I will do this because the Prophet has advised me to.


I have incredibly loving parents, they have always been willing to listen and to love.

Heavenly Father has blessed me with amazing, fabulous, wonderful friends...they remind me to love life.

Next: Great examples of leaders. People who always love me, even though I'm nuts!
Carolyn, she's really just the best!

My Aunt Sharon, isn't she neat?
Sister Rose

Golly I love this woman. There's always just been something about her that makes me want to sing. She is kind, she is thoughtful, she is beautiful. I love you I love you!

small (yet significant) blessings:

 I am so grateful that I don't have to live this life in Black and White. Instead Heavenly Father blessed this world with the beautiful colors of sunsets, fall leaves changing colors, and flowers, oh how I love flowers.

Wow, so this post got really long really fast. I guess I'll have to stop for right now.
I love my life, I love my Heavenly Father. My family and friends are fantastic, I am so, so, blessed.

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