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Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Most Amazing Thing

The Most Amazing Thing happened to me this morning...
And I would like to sincerely share my testimony about it. 

I awoke feeling anxious and fearful.
 Of what? 
I'm not quite sure.
But I know that my heart was beating faster than it normally does
 and my mind seemed to be skipping from one uneasy thought to the next. 
My stomach felt sick. 

I got in the shower, hoping that would relax me.
It didn't.

I decided to start reading a book called "Coping with Anxiety"
(Thank you Kimberly Bennet)
Hoping that would help.
Although the relaxation breathing and meditating did calm me down a bit
it didn't seem to get at the root of my discomfort.

And then my roommate Heather came in, turned on byutv and Elder Uchtdorf was speaking.

The talk was titled "The Love of God".

We listened intently and soon, tears came to my eyes. 
I don't remember what he was talking about exactly, but he said the words, 
"...try, and keep on trying."

That was just what I needed to hear.
 I needed to hear that my Heavenly Father will continue to love me.
He wants me to try, and keep trying...and he'll always help me.

I went into my room, and listened to my "self-talk".
It was completely different from before.
I was ACKNOWLEDGING POSITIVE ATTRIBUTES of others instead of their shortcomings.
I wanted to be around others, instead of by myself. 

I asked myself, what changed? 
How did this happen? 
Why did I feel so bad, and then feel so different?
I know why, and I want you to know that I know.

It's because:
I have a loving Father in Heaven. 
Who helps me day to day, and moment to moment. 
He knows my fears and trials. 
He knows the intents of my heart.
He knows that I want to know Him and follow Him.

The Love of the Savior transforms our hearts when we cannot do it ourselves. 
His love is infinite and penetrating. 

I began to realize that all of the attributes I've been blogging about,
I only have those when I have the Love of the Savior in my heart.
He helps me grow and learn.

HE helps me Become Better.