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Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Mountains to Climb

When I'm in emotional turmoil
I try to climb mountains.

(Mt. Shasta, which I've never actually climbed)

I choose a mountain, I look up to the top
and I show that mountain 
who's boss.

There's something about being scared,
being alone, 
and doing something all on my own.

One time I chose a Mountain that was almost too much for me.
I climbed to the top, and after about an hour of sitting there
I decided that I wanted to go back down.

But on the way down
I found myself in a sticky situation.
I needed help.
It was getting dark and the cliffs were really steep.

So, you know what I did?

Yup. I called my mommy.

She was kind of mad at me for getting her all freaked out.
She thought I was going to fall off and I would never see her again.
(What a drama queen!)

Of course I made it down.
(After a couple of whispered prayers)
and it felt Grrrreat!

I've since learned that doing scary things is so important
for my growth.

Climbing mountains is hard, 
and that's why I think I like it so much.

Because when I look back up from the bottom and see what I just endured
a feeling of accomplishment comes to me.

I can say to myself, I can do this.
Whatever it is I must do
I can do it. 

And this morning was no different.
I went up Rock Canyon,
I found a Mountain, and I climbed it.

And, although the mountain wasn't that tall
I still felt so great when I was at the top looking down.

And I know that's just how our trials are
sometimes we need to call on the help of our Heavenly Father.
Sometimes we need to look back up at what we did and we can
say to ourselves: I did that.

I know that climbing mountains makes me stronger
and best of all it helps me become better.