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Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Tale of Two Kims, My Predisposition

Over the years I have found that I just really love people named Kim.
I think Heavenly Father thought it might be hard for me to make friends so he planted a little pattern called, "I'll name all your best friends Kim," and then he hoped that I would catch on.

Well, looks like I've finally caught on!
And I've decided to give a special shout out to two very special Kims in my life.

I'll go in order of when I met them, not order of importance (cause they're both so great)

First....Kimberly Ahlstrom (Friden):

When I became friends with this girl I was only in 7th or 8th grade, and she was in High School.
She is one of the best friends I have ever had. 
Kim is really amazing, she has always cared about me and given me advice (especially about boys ).
One time we had a water drinking contests when we got really bored, dumb...dumb idea.

Another time we cooked rotten bacon and it made the whole house smell really gross.
Most of all though, Kim was always just a friend, the friend I could have sleep overs with , go shopping with, and have lunch with.

I remember when she got engaged to her best friend Shane, I was so happy I thought I would die.

 But it got better, after they got married they were blessed with a stinkin' cute little boy, Jeremy. 

I'm so happy for Kim and the wonderful example of a righteous woman that she is. Kimmie, you have taught me so much, and have somehow managed to help keep me on this path that I'm on. I love you So much.

Alright my other Kim is Kimberly Bennett. 

She is so incredibly fabulous.
Each day when I count my blessings, I count her twice.
I don't know if it's possible to thank her, or explain to her how much she means to me, but let me just give it a shot.

This Kim taught me:
To pray every morning and night
To JuMp at the thought of service
To volunteer to Pray and read at church
To Love everyone as much as I can
To smile when it's hard
To cry in the closet
To work hard
To play hard
To trust
To love

Kim just has a way about her. When she's around everyone feels happy. When Kim is around there are always smiles.

I remember one time I didn't have any hairspray because I accidentally put my new hairspray in my carry-on at the airport. Kim bought me new hairspray.

When she first found out about my love for Cranberry sauce, guess what was waiting at my house?

A head massager for my daily headaches.
Head Neck Scalp Massager Massage Stress Release Gold
Medicine when I'm sick.

Food when I'm hungry.

But can I say that most of all she just loves me. She just loves. More than loving though, I guess is that my Kimmie shows me that she loves me, through her words, her actions, her quality time spent with me, the gifts that she gives, both tangible and not. She gives gives gives and she will forever be my sister because of it.

I love you Kimmies! I love you because you both have shaped my life in ways that I cannot even begin to write down with my meager words. I cannot express my love or appreciation for all you have done. Your sweet influence will FOREVER be close to my heart.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Stress Get Thee Hence

Part of being healthy, happy, and eager so serve the Lord is taking care of myself. Getting enough sleep, eating right, exercising and all that jazz.....

But it's so hard! Sometimes I just get overwhelmed and need to take some time for myself. But what happens when you can't take time for yourself? on eager beaver.

Approximately 5% of the general public suffer from general anxiety disorder in their lifetime, and as women, we're even more likely to suffer from this often debilitating disorder.

I recently fell victim to stress and was experiencing some pretty great stress headaches.

I needed some help! As a psychology student it was pretty easy because two of my classes were all about stress management. So, along with some prescription pain killer I  jumped into what I thought would be most helpful: Relaxation Techniques and Positive Psychology.

Positive psychology is this field of psychology that is all about positive thoughts and all that great stuff. A small part of positive psychology is what is called a Positive Affirmation. A positive affirmation is when you tell yourself a statement that foreshadows what you want to be. Maybe it's an attribute that you do not yet possess but that you would like to possess, you must say it as though you already possess it. Here's my best shot. Oh yeah, you have to read them EVERY DAY!

My list of Positive Affirmations

1. I am a kind person who is sensitive to the needs of others.
2. I have a positive attitude, and I have joy in others success.
3. I am understanding and treat people as people.
4. I am patient with the shortcomings of others because God is patient with me.
5. I am humble and accept the will of God.
6. I do not worry about things that I cannot change.
7. I show my love for Heavenly Father by actively serving others.
8. I show my love for my Heavenly Father by keeping his commandments.
9. I smile and laugh everyday because I know that I have so much to be grateful for.
10. I use my time wisely and effectively.

Next, relaxation techniques. This one is super great. You go through a set of tensing and relaxing your muscles so your body remembers what they should feel like (relaxed). Through out the day you do a personal check and make sure you're not carrying stress in your muscles. It's pretty fabulous.

As I become less tense and focus on things that really matter I'm better able to help serve the other people around me. I guess the overall moral of this story to yourself like you talk to your best friend. Be nice, be patient. I love learning and growing, it's really what this life is all about.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Challenge Accepted President Monson: Consider the Blessings

Challenge Accepted President Monson!

I've always been pretty good at reading conference talks after they come out in the Ensign. 

BUT, I haven't been that great at really following the council long term. 

This is my normal progressions when it comes to conference:
1. Get all excited to hear modern-day revelation
2. Sleep through 75% of the talks
3. Love the 25% I hear
4. Re-listen/Re-read all the talks
5. Momentary/short term motivation
6. The End. 

This year will be different, or so help me!

President Monson said," I would recommend...that you take an inventory of your life and look specifically for the blessings, large and small, you have received"

So, I will do this because the Prophet has advised me to.


I have incredibly loving parents, they have always been willing to listen and to love.

Heavenly Father has blessed me with amazing, fabulous, wonderful friends...they remind me to love life.

Next: Great examples of leaders. People who always love me, even though I'm nuts!
Carolyn, she's really just the best!

My Aunt Sharon, isn't she neat?
Sister Rose

Golly I love this woman. There's always just been something about her that makes me want to sing. She is kind, she is thoughtful, she is beautiful. I love you I love you!

small (yet significant) blessings:

 I am so grateful that I don't have to live this life in Black and White. Instead Heavenly Father blessed this world with the beautiful colors of sunsets, fall leaves changing colors, and flowers, oh how I love flowers.

Wow, so this post got really long really fast. I guess I'll have to stop for right now.
I love my life, I love my Heavenly Father. My family and friends are fantastic, I am so, so, blessed.