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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Happy Graduation to Me

I went camping this weekend in Southern Utah
to celebrate graduating from COLLEGE!
And can I just say Wow, it was soooo beautiful!

While I was there I spent some time with some pretty
amazing and fun people, and saw some amazing things!

Most of all though, I realized that being positive changes things.
At one point we were hiking up a mountain in the wind 
and rain and it was just so crazy.

But even crazier, the people that I was with were just having 
a total blast, they were singing and laughing and just being crazy.

Needless to say I thought a lot about this and wrote down some 
of my thoughts.
I guess I'm hoping that one day this poem
will reflect how I live my life:

I knew someone 
who saw the good 
in everything she met. 

The wind blown hair
the sand filled shoes 
her clothes all soaking wet. 

She smiled, and sang
and had a ball 
and loved the world around 

Embraced the breeze
brushed off her knees
nothing could get her down.

And so she saw
all of the good
in everything she met

Pushed out the gray
lived all her days
and tried not to forget

That, quickly, life
the only one
she had might soon be o'er

So skipping through
the dark and dim
she just asked life for more.

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