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Sunday, February 17, 2013

My View on Power Lines

After a long day I decided to rest and watch some college basketball.
The curtains were pushed to the side so when I laid on the couch
 I got a view of the Wasatch Mountains.

However, the first thing that I thought of was,
"Dang, I wish those power lines weren't in the way...
I would have a much better view."

As soon as this sneaky thought entered my mind
I thought of Kim (Now Sister Bennett.)

One evening as the sun was setting
I walked into our apartment
to find her at her easel.
Sitting in the same living room, 
looking at those same mountains.
With paintbrush in hand, and a smile on her face
the first thing she said to me as she turned around, 
"Tilly! I love POWER LINES!"

She looked at those mountains
and instead of wishing the power lines away
she embraced their edges and dark lines.
She loved those power lines because
she looked at them in a positive way.
 To her, they were beautiful.

And last night is when I FINALLY REALIZED that

Being positive has little to do with your View, and everything to do with your Perspective.

This fact was solidified in my mind last week.
I was working on being positive and FAILING miserably
 I then read this,
"A man's a fool who takes an insult that isn't intended."
An insult? Or a compliment? It all depends on your PERSPECTIVE.

So, this week I decided that I trusted everyone.
I decided that my friends love me,
that the people I work with love me.
That my teachers want me to get A's.
I decided I loved my job, my major, my LIFE.

I can either take what people say as
a compliment
an insult. 
Either way I get to choose how I feel.

I can take my life for granted, 
or I can embrace my imperfections.

And I decided. I love power lines.


  1. Tilly this is remarkable. Thank you for brightening up my day with your optimism and hope.

  2. I'm glad you decided you love your life, since no one else gets to be you. Best seat in the house!

  3. Even if I am trying to insult you? Just kidding... I always liked the old run down and graffiti laden buildings in the inner city. I just think they look so neat... like urban ruins.